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For all the bitching about the Census, those fuckers do come up with some useful numbers. You know, if anyone cares about where to find a job in this economy.


The recession has halted the dominant migration trend of recent decades, turning once-hot destinations such as Las Vegas and Orlando, Fla., into some of the country's losers.

Census data released Tuesday portray a sharp shift in migration during the depths of the recession, from July 2008 to July 2009. With home prices slammed and few jobs available in any state, people from Massachusetts to California decided to stay put or go back where they came from.

The Las Vegas metropolitan area lost about 1,300 residents to other areas. That compares with an annual inflow of 54,000 people during the height of the real-estate boom, and marks the first year of out-migration the city has seen in at least a century. The Orlando area swung to an outflow of about 4,300 from an inflow of 52,000 in 2004-2005.

The shifts represent a radical departure from the migration patterns that had made cities such as Las Vegas and Orlando some of the country's fastest-growing. For decades, people have been leaving colder Northeastern and Midwestern states, either to retire or to chase better weather and jobs in the South and West.

Where are the gains? The Midwest and Northeast, where people can't sell their homes and don't have jobs to go to anyway if they want to flee the cold. Even the Rust Belt is seeing slower migration, including Detroit and Cleveland. Pittsburgh saw a gain, for fuck's sake. (Of course, the statistics aren't broken down to show the "barely legal women" demographic and also pre-date Ben Roethlisberger's recent social outings.)

So, throw away the Census form if you want. Leave questions blank. Fill it out in ANGRY CAPITAL LETTERS. But don't discount the possibility, obvious as it might seem after the fact, that the numbers they crunch over there may have some use. I mean, this isn't the SEC we're talking about.

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Anonymous said...

The giant shack on a shining hill. Wow, the things people crave. I kind of wish they would do a 2015 census so we wouldn't have to wait ten years to see more of the migration pattern and how things changed/are changing. It does look big enough for a lot of people to live in comfortably.

Does the man own the house or does the house own the man?


bross said...

Does that house have a door?

the door was extra and not included in the $3 mil Alan Greenspan Funny Money pricetag.

Also... fuck you, paperboy, I'm still filling mine out IN SHARPIE ON TOP OF IT.

Don't hate.

No hating.

And I like the Sharpie touch. That'll surely stop the postcards.