TLP: Frustrated Sex.Com Lender Swears There's NO WAY That Was Involuntary

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If you work for a company called DOM Partners, you probably have a thing about being in control. Understandable, you know, if you roll that way.

So it's no surprise that the New Jersey lender seems just a bit pissed off by an effort to pull the very lucrative and potentially exceptionally filthy Internet domain out of its paws.

Reuters tries, sort of, to keep it clean:

A lender which claims it is owed millions by the domain name operator is asking a U.S. bankruptcy court to dismiss an involuntary bankruptcy case against the company, so it can resume a foreclosure auction, according to new court documents.

The New Jersey lender, DOM Partners LLC, which said it loaned more than $4 million to Escom LLC to fund the website's operations, said in court papers on Friday that Escom shouldn't be in bankruptcy. DOM said it would be best able to recover the debt by holding a new auction for what may be the world's most valuable domain name.

An earlier auction was set to take place March 18 in New York, but was halted when three of Escom's other creditors, saying they are owed more than $10 million, filed an involuntary bankruptcy proceeding against the website owner in California.

DOM Partners claims, according to a very loose interpretation by The Lazy Paperboy, that Escom has been sitting around jerking off over since 2004, when it paid $14 million for the domain name. Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but "one employee, little income and little ability to achieve its intentions" has sticky keyboard written all over it. Awesome reporting, Reuters. How's your keyboard?

Reuters talked to Internet entrepreneur Mike Mann, who controls the creditors who filed the bankruptcy case. He blames the lenders and may be projecting just a bit about other issues.

Come on Reuters, you had to be giggling, right?

"The other investors interfered and blocked us, threatened us and caused us various troubles and losses. We had our hands tied, and our money stolen," Mann said.

Go to it. Let the judge work it out. Get your money or your domain or at least some spankworthy content. The Lazy Paperboy will be waiting for the next dirty Reuters story about while he watches out for a rolled-up newspaper. DOM Partners may not be the only ones with a thing about control.

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