TLP: Grocery Stores to Walmart, "Cleanup on Aisle 46"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 , , 0 Comments

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Walmart has done pretty well cornering the market on books and CDs, not to mention fucking over Main Street, Mom & Pop stores, Kmart ... you get the picture. But there's always an asterisk.

One sector that hasn't caved, apparently, or at least not yet, are grocery stores. Prices cuts by Safeway, Kroger and Supervalu are keeping customers from going to Walmart, according to Citigroup analyst Deborah Weinswig.

From MarketWatch:

"Shoppers no longer consider the price savings offered by Wal-Mart to outweigh the experience and convenience" of shopping at their local supermarkets, Weinswig said.

While Wal-Mart acknowledged last week it is about to whittle down grocery prices, they didn't say by how much.

There's a new Walmart not too far from The Lazy Paperboy's neighborhood and it's convenient in its own way. Which is to say, it's clean. The other, older, nearby Walmart? Not so much.

And that's the key. Grocery stores have an interest in not sickening their customers with rotten produce, dirty shelves and questionable practices at the deli counter. Harder to do when the next aisle over is stacked with t-shirts or video games or fishing gear.

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