TLP: Is Michael Steele Trying Too Hard? Or Not Hard Enough?

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So Michael Steele could totally have played this one cool. Private jets, limousine service, expensive parties. And, we mean, parties. Dropping the dollars as soon as the donors cut the checks. "No game? Says who?" All for the good of the GOP, don't you know.

But no. On the heels of getting owned over Obamacare, trying to figure out WTF about the Tea Party, watching an attempt to get Reagan on the $50 flop — fuck, GOP politicians can't even get threatened properly without seeming to provoke a nut job — the Republican National Committee found itself explaining that Steele isn't so much of a player after all.


A Republican Party spokesman said Monday evening that a staff member has been dismissed following a February outing to a risqué Hollywood nightclub, where a party donor submitted a $2,000 tab and asked for reimbursement from the Republican National Committee

Doug Heye, the communications director for the R.N.C., issued this statement:

“At the outset, Chairman Steele was not at Voyeur West Hollywood. He had no knowledge of the expenditure, nor does he find the use of committee funds at such a location acceptable. While some in the press have suggested Chairman Steele was at the venue, he was not and no proof has been offered that he was. When the expense was incurred, Chairman Steele was on United flight # 0084, returning from the RNC Winter Meeting.

“Upon finding out of the expenditure this morning, Chairman Steele demanded the committee get to the bottom of this matter immediately."

Aside from pissing off donors who might rather have enjoyed a little bit of "Oh. Wow." for the two-grand they donated to the conservative cause, what harm was Steele, or whomever, doing to the party? After all, everybody knows how Mark Sanford ended up as the happiest Republican around these days.

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