TLP: Just Don't Let Her Husband Serve the Refreshments

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I'm guessing Jr Deputy Accountant will be annoyed, but how could I pass this one up? And really, it's not an obsession. I'm just interested in the political process. This whole Tea Party thing is about the politics, right?

"Ordinary citizen" Virginia Thomas spoke recently with Tea Party leaders in Washington about the group she founded to fight the "hard-left agenda" of President Obama. But, as Kathleen Hennessey reported in the Los Angeles Times, Thomas isn't like your average political activist.

LA Times:

She is the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and she has launched a tea-party-linked group that could test the traditional notions of political impartiality for the court.

In January, Virginia Thomas created Liberty Central Inc., a nonprofit lobbying group whose website will organize activism around a set of conservative "core principles," she said.

The group plans to issue score cards for Congress members and be involved in the November election, although Thomas would not specify how. She said it would accept donations from various sources — including corporations — as allowed under campaign finance rules recently loosened by the Supreme Court.

See? I'm not obsessed. All about the politics, with barely any innuendo. And not even one reference to ...

The Lazy Paperboy

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


... teabagging?

Fuck, where is everyone today? Fine, I'll complete the joke.

"Waitress? There's a pubic hair on my teabag..."

"Would anyone care for a can of Coke?"

... did I miss any? Lazy fucking commenters.

Funny beats annoyed every time. And I guess I can keep the gig :P

Tony said...

Like the rest of the teabaggers, they probably don't know how to use google either.