TLP: Secret Smoking? Cholesterol Spike? A Hopey-Changey Check-up

Monday, March 01, 2010 , , 0 Comments

obama health smoking"toasted," eh?

"Excellent health" is the way the Navy doc summed up Patient One after a physical exam. But, you know, they never let it go at that.

Reuters was on the turn-your-head-and-cough watch for Sunday's exam:

A team of doctors led by Dr. Jeff Kuhlman, a Navy captain, found Mr. Obama to be “fit for duty” and said he was likely to remain so for the rest of his presidency.

But the doctors recommended that he continue his “smoking cessation efforts” and also that he change his diet to bring down a cholesterol level that is borderline high.
What up with that? He shoots hoops, runs the treadmill, and at 6-1 and 180 pounds, still a skinny-looking mofo. He clocked a very lazy resting heartbeat of 56 beats per minute and a BP of 105/62. Sure that's tobacco he's smoking, doc? Might explain those eating habits, too, knowhatimean?

More from the Reuters account:

The report said Obama uses a “nicotine replacement therapy,” which suggests he has been trying to quit smoking. Last June, when asked if he still smoked cigarettes, Mr. Obama said he was “95 percent cured” but added “there are times when I mess up.”

Really, who can say 95 percent isn't good enough? Little bit of stress on the job, right? And look around the country. Hell, look at the alleged habits of the last guy in the job, and the one before that was known to handle a cigar now and then. Leave it between Obama and the doc.

There is that White House smoking ban, however, and Obama has said he abides by it. Let's just hope he has a comfortable bench outside so he can go sit down, light up and chill.

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