TLP: That Will Only Encourage Them

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This counts as "Breaking News!" as far as The Lazy Paperboy is concerned: The National Enquirer in the running for a Pulitzer Prize. Suck it, John Edwards.

Speed kills. And may win the Enquirer journalism's top prize. A tip to the tabloid's gossip hotline about Edwards and a supposed affair made its way to Executive Editor Barry Levine in an hour. A little Googling turned up enough about Edwards and his squeaky clean reputation to bait Levine.

Stephanie Clifford takes it from there in the NYT:

That meant Mr. Edwards was on a pedestal, and revelations of an affair could knock him off it — in line with The Enquirer’s mission. “It still shows the reader that wealthy people, rich people, people who they may admire — when you take away the money, have the same types of problems that they have in real life,” he said.

Pulling together reporters to dig into the rumor, Mr. Levine began something that once seemed unthinkable: not only the downfall of a presidential candidate with a meticulous image, but, for the sensational tabloid, something resembling respectability.

By being the first and, largely, the only publication pursuing the Edwards story through his denials of the affair and of fathering a child out of wedlock, The Enquirer is under consideration for a Pulitzer Prize, and it has strong support for its bid from other journalists. The success has Mr. Levine considering opening a Washington bureau to look for more dirt among politicians.

Not good news for D.C. types who might be getting used to isn't-he-just-dreamy profiles, prestigious rubdowns and TLDR think pieces.

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