TLP: Walgreens Gangster Move Fails, Pulls Out of Chicago Drug Deal

Monday, March 22, 2010 , , , 0 Comments

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Naughty, naughty, Walgreens! And in your hometown, too.

The Chicago News Cooperative (WTF?) in The New York Times:

A Walgreen Co. executive improperly took a competitor’s confidential financial data, forcing the drugstore giant to withdraw from the bidding for a lucrative contract to provide pharmacy services for the City of Chicago and most local government agencies, the Chicago News Cooperative has learned.

Walgreen is out of the bidding for the contract, most likely worth hundreds of millions of dollars, after a company executive in January obtained bid materials from CVS Caremark as the two companies competed for the contract to manage the drug plans for employees at City Hall and other local government agencies, said a high-ranking City Hall official who was granted anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

This is no time to get caught up in financial shenanigans with health care. The executive is out, pegged as some sort of rogue and lawyers will be in everybody's shit (or putting on a good show) with an "internal investigation." We'll see.

Walgreens was up against four competitors for the contract, including CVS, which has collected $750 million in the last six years keeping Chicago city employees on their meds. Any guesses on which way that cost is going to go?

But, listen Walgreens, don't be stupid. You've got a good deal going. You're on every fucking street corner not already taken by CVS, Rite Aid or ... are there any other drug stores left?

Walgreens has 100 stores in Chicago alone, one of which met critical needs for The Lazy Paperboy not long ago. Round-the-clock access to mixer refills, bottled water, replenishing vitamins and a casual beef jerky snack? You can't find that just anywhere.

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