Via Going Concern: The Non-Profits Are Ready for a Rough Year Ahead

Thursday, March 25, 2010 , , 1 Comments

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When my dear editor at Going Concern first approached me to ask if I'd be down with covering non-profits on the site, I have to admit my first reaction was one of fuck youitude. What the fuck do I care about non-profits when I'm trying to chase the Fed and rag on the SEC? Upon further reflection and after several weeks of cranking out a weekly feature on the exciting goings-down in the NFP accounting world, I have had one hell of an epiphany.

I need look no further than non-profits to satiate my doom and gloom craving.


This week, non-profits are looking ahead to 2010 and the outlook is, um, not so pretty. I'd say downright dismal but I read somewhere that doom and gloom is 45% less cool than it used to be so in the interest of appeasing picky editors and loyal JDA readers who don't feel suicidal yet, let's try to keep this in perspective. We all know it sucks, no need to cry about it. It'll look up eventually. Just not this year.


Not to be the harbinger of doom but the Non-profit Finance Fund released a survey Monday that reflects the less-than-optimistic hopes of non-profit leaders for the year ahead. Though it’s far more depressing than Financial Armageddon, it shows that non-profits are far more prepared for the worst (and more deft at handling adversity) than their for-profit counterparts. For-profit CFOs still seem preoccupied with the credit crunch while non-profits are merely trying to meet increased demand with less to provide.

If you want the rest you'll have to go to Going Concern and if you don't, I guess it means you just don't care whether or not JDA can pay her rent and keep her editor off her back.

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Anonymous said...

For me, one of the funniest images/phrases I've ever seen.

It isn't doom and gloom. It's being realistic.

Humankind cannot stand very much reality. T S Eliot