The Wall of False Integrity Tour: Stanford (With Sam Antar)

Tuesday, March 09, 2010 , , 0 Comments

I'm humbled that former Crazy Eddie CFO Sam E. Antar thinks I'm one of the greatest criminal minds he's ever known. That's quite the fucking endorsement.

Lucky me, I got to spend a day in Palo Alto watching him scare the shit out of Stanford MBAs last week:

“I’m gonna be the guy that fucks you guys up,” he told the room before beginning the presentation, “I’m a racist and a scum bag but I hate everyone equally.”

Read the rest at Going Concern.

Also, if Sam and CEO Patrick Byrne come to blows, I got $50 on the Brooklyn crook in the SEC baseball cap. And a kick to Byrne's ribs. You know, figuratively*

Update: Oh dear, OverSTALK, you know we saw what you did there, right?

*seriously, violence isn't cool. But if it was...... hauling around 50 lb boxes of accounting textbooks is great for the swing, that's all I'm saying.

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