In Honor of Janet Yellen...

... if you want to call it "honor", that is.

It's official, President Obama has picked San Francisco Fed's Janet Yellen to serve as Fed Vice Chairman, replacing good ole salty Don Kohn who will be getting the hell out of there before the shit hits the fan. Might be a tad late but whatever.

Anyway, in "honor" of JDA's most loathed Fedhead's new position (if she accepts, which she will), how about some of Janet Yellen's greatest JDA hits?

SF Fedhead Yellen on Popping Bubbles

The Monetary Alchemists and Their Inflation Game

SF Fed's Yellen on Lehman Regret, Still Stinks of Goldman

SF Fed's Yellen: Still Advancing the Power Grab Agenda Hobbling on a Lehman Crutch

SF Fedhead Yellen: An Ode to the Economic Crisis, SF Fed-style

Well Thank Goodness JDA Isn't the Only One Who Thinks SF Fed's Janet Yellen is Smoking the Monetary Crack Cocaine

SF Fedhead Yellen: "Keep That Stimulus Coming, Doctor Bernanke!!"

SF Fedhead Yellen: If Her Husband Were a Crack Addict, He'd Be Turning Tricks as We Speak

Stupid Ideas from the Left: An "Irresponsible" Fed Chairman to Save Jobs

SF Fed's Janet Yellen... My New Favorite Fedhead?

SF Fedhead Yellen: US Interest Rates are Too Hot for Asian Markets

Federal Reserve System Presidents: "This is Your Ass!"

Breaking: Janet Yellen Single-Handedly Tanks the Dollar Just By Opening Her Mouth

JDA's Worst Nightmare Comes True: Obama Taps SF Fed's Janet Yellen as Fed Vice Chair?

All aboard the failboat to economic ruin and if you haven't started shorting the dollar, now might be the time (just sayin). Weeeee!!!

Jr Deputy Accountant

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beebsblog said...

JDA, what bothers me is that it still looks like we are in a deflationary period with trillions of dollars being extinguished in real estate and commercial loans.

Sure, I see inflation on the horizon but only after this deflationary plays out.

chemist, maybe an economist.


Define "deflation" - do you mean forced price-cutting out of desperation or do you mean the collapse of our currency? Prices are just prices, right?

I don't know if you can call this deflation. It's the evaporation of fake money, which would be outside of the parameters of "deflation" as the actual economists define it.

The vaporization of made-up money (and later attempts to correct this vaporization like "mark-to-Disneyland accounting changes by FASB) is not deflation. They cannot indefinitely counter this with new money - the "inflation on the horizon" that you refer to is closer than you think.

It isn't deflation you and I are watching.

tattooed hipster, not at all an economist but smart enough to know fake money when she sees it

elf2006real said...


Are you a fan of the Austrian school? Curious..


"student of", I don't know if fan is the right word but yes. Doesn't my hatred towards Janet make that obvious? :)

elf2006real said...

So what would you think of moving our money to a mixed basket of commodities, not just gold and silver but also a energy basket as well? We're sitting on a lot of it in the USA.