Newsom and His Hair Kill Entertainment in San Francisco

Thursday, April 01, 2010 , , 0 Comments

 "Minimal Hail Gel Gavin" is my 3rd favorite
after "No Hair Gel Gavin" and

Apparently Gavin does not want the revenues from the RNC and/or otherwise rowdy out-of-towners (this means you too, East Bay) tearing up our lovely town. We have enough tearing up going on by our own "citizens" as is tyvm.

SF Gate:

Seven years, in Mayor Gavin Newsom's estimation, is enough time to see something isn't working.

Just hours before San Francisco's oft-maligned Entertainment Commission voted Wednesday to close for 30 days a Fisherman's Wharf nightclub where one person was killed and four wounded in a February shootout, the mayor said the commission should be disbanded.

"I think we can simply do without the Entertainment Commission. I don't see it adding real value," said Newsom, who appoints four of the seven commissioners. "I don't, at the end of the day, feel it's lived up to its purpose."

The mayor is advocating for regulatory power to be returned to the police. His voice is perhaps the most forceful to join the rising chorus of criticism leveled at the commission from residents, police officials and others since the panel's first members were seated in 2003.

If you haven't heard, the SFPD is cleaning up the joint. A recent Mission/TL drug bust netted 212 individuals; unfortunately, we also discovered there was a cokehead in our drug lab so that's kind of thrown a monkey wrench in plans to clean up the city.

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