Playing Peek-a-Boo With the PCAOB

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 , 0 Comments

 Don't try this at home, kids, I'm a professional.

Once upon a time, the PCAOB subscribed to me so months later, I've decided to return the favor. Listen, if you use your work email to get JDA, I'm going to see it and I'm going to Google you and I'm probably going to find some weird ass shit you like on Amazon. It's cool, that's what gmail is for. Or maybe you want me to find you. Either way, I'm not afraid to use my real email address because I'm pretty sure I'd like the PCAOB to know it's me, their pal JDA. xoxo.

Anyway, wanting to have reasonable assurance that the PCAOB was not farming my information (per the sentence at the bottom of the subscribe box), I checked out their privacy policy.

In general, you can visit our Web site without telling us who you are or providing personal information about yourself. At various places on our site, however, we tell you how to contact us and we encourage you to provide us with some details about yourself, such as your name, address, or phone number. We may gather and retain such personal information that you have voluntarily submitted. In addition, registration applicants provide us with requested information as part of our online registration process.
Principal reasons for our request for information are to enable us to respond to comments, questions, and complaints, to obtain the perspectives of people interested in the PCAOB’s rulemaking and other activities, to effectuate the registration process, and otherwise to carry out our statutory duties. Also, we may use information that has been provided in order to contact you or to provide you with information that we believe may be relevant to you.

I don't like the idea of the PCAOB knowing anything about what is relevant to me considering the fact that little about me can be gleaned from knowing my obviously totally real first name "Jr Deputy" and email address. That I have some weird cop fetish? That I'm not really an accountant but some sort of mentee? What sort of information would then be relevant to me and how would the PCAOB know that?

Good thing someone over there has been watching, maybe they know what is relevant to my interests.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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