Protectionism. + 7 Year Olds

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What do you add to this? I told you so? I don't think so.

"adoption is not child rental"

When Russian government officials learned a U.S. mother sent her son back on a plane by himself, they were outraged. Now adoptions between American parents and Russian children have been put on hold, indefinitely.

"In my opinion she has killed a lot of dreams for a lot of people," said Crowell.

On a baseball field in Mt. Juliet the Harmons cannot imagine their lives without 5-year-old William. Though they admit it is not always easy raising a child.

"Every child cries, screams, is difficult. That's just part of being a parent. You learn how to raise a child. It's part of what we do," explained Tom Harmon.

During an interview in Russia, the 7-year-old told investigators he was abused by Hansen while he live [sic] in the United States.

(News Channel 5, Nashville, TN)

Locking it down, people, and the behavior of our own citizens (presumably a direct result of the undue stress of the financial crisis) exacerbates the issue. Or maybe makes TPTB's job easier. Whatever.

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