SF Fed's Salt Lake City Branch Loves Who?

Monday, April 12, 2010 0 Comments

OK, fine, before the Fed Gestapo come out and get my ass, the sticker obviously comes off (and did just moments after this photo was taken while the friendly - ? - person in the booth waved at me. Threateningly, not in a "hey come over here and let me tell you about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon" sort of way). And I was nowhere near there and have no idea what you are talking about anyway.

Jr Deputy Accountant does not advocate defacing or otherwise altering any property, especially a chunk of it that belongs to the Federal Reserve System.

tsssssst it burrrrrrrrnssssss

The Salt Lake City I knew in 1999 is pretty much gone, downtown has stretched out to form an even larger and more breath-taking shrine to the LDS faith. Back then, it was a bit dingy - though outside of the glittering new downtown of SLC that I couldn't recognize is the broken down Salt Lake I remember. It appears no more battered than any other city I've seen recently (or live in) though it could stand a good, um, scrubbing. Allegedly.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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