Stimulus Waste In Your Hood!

Thursday, April 22, 2010 , , 2 Comments

Want to find out how Stimulus dollars are being wasted right in your backyard (and/or off the side of your half a patio if you live in San Francisco like some of us)? Check out's handy map.

I plugged in my zip code and discovered nearly $650,000 to Blood Centers of the Pacific to save (or create) 1.35 job(s).

Or there's $238,461,066 to Stockton-based Applied Aerospace Structures, Corp (a military service provider).

$25 million to PG&E.

$11,000 to Pat's Garage (yes, just a local auto shop).

Go on, try it.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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malus Diaz said...

OOOOO 97402

For 25M ~=> 3.02 Jobs!!!!

Glad I pay those tax dollars!!! We would've lost so much more if we hadn't bailed out them Good-ol-honest-bankers.

W.C. Varones said...

For bonus points, look up the executives of the pork-suckers in your neighborhood, then go to to find out where their campaign contributions went.