TLP: Believe Me, JDA Would Rather Be Beating Me. And I Kind Of Miss It.

Sunday, April 18, 2010 , 3 Comments

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I've started to look forward to Sundays in kind of a sick way. A few weeks back, JDA started to post a collection of links to good reads from friends and people she follows. She uses it as an opportunity to give me a good whacking for being overly lazy or misbehaving on her website. I'm pretty sure she likes it.

As most of you regulars know, JDA has been dealing with some tough personal issues over the last two weeks and I've been doing what I can to try to keep things marginally interesting here. Sometimes, and I have been fucking thrilled when this has happened, she's been able to find WiFi along the road and post on the blog in the way only she can.

If I weren't so fucking lazy, I would have filled in for her and posted some Sunday links. But, come on, that would have meant, um, "work" and would not have resulted in anything close to what you're used to getting from her. Luckily, there's an easy way out. Here's what a very non-lazy JDA has written on her cross-country adventure:

Free Market Whoring and How the Corus Failure Killed Downtown Reno JDA was barely out of California when she hit Reno and found it "pathetic and destitute" with the closing of Fitzgeralds. A little further up the road, the economy was in much better shape.

SF Fed's Salt Lake City Branch Loves Who? OK, so it's not exactly Fedbashing, but JDA is nothing if not clever and mischievous. And also able to get away with both pretty much constantly.

Seattle Learns a Lesson in Bubble Buildings Don't get JDA started on bubbles. Or asshats.

Buy, Buy, Buy Consumer, Jeffrey Lacker is Counting on You! Who knows where JDA was when she spied the latest speech from her favorite Fedhead. He might wish she'd been more distracted than she was.

The SEC Goes for Goldman's Ass (Yawn) Is the "yawn" from too much driving or too little faith in the SEC? You know what to do to find out.

One of These Things is Not Like the Others It would have been ugly if the Gipper hadn't been the star of this show.

No surprise, really, that you've still been getting a dose of certified Jr Deputy Accountant content now and then from the road. As well as a running commentary from coast to heartland to coast.

I didn't tell her I was going to post this. Something tells me I'm really in for it this time. Can't wait.

The Lazy Paperboy

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Chairman said...

@TLP: What next JDA in floral dress passing around the correspondants collection plate. Shitzsky...


You'll never catch me in a floral dress, you bastard. Don't make me beat YOU next!

Oh and you're right, TLP, I'd much rather be beating you. MUCH MUCH rather.

Oh well. I'll save a Sunday edition before too long...