TLP: But Does It Have Anything to Do With Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa?

Monday, April 26, 2010 , , , 3 Comments

green wind energyBlame the BBC

To some people, they are a peaceful, even soothing, "green" alternative energy source. To others, they are just fucking creepy. Especially at night.

This appears to be the week that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will announce his decision on a contentious wind farm proposal off the coast of Cape Cod. Plans have been in the works for nine years, which is a long time to wait for a blow job.


The governors of six East Coast states called on Mr. Salazar last week to approve the project, which is proposed by Cape Wind Associates and would be the nation’s first offshore wind farm. Turning it down, they said, especially on the grounds that it would harm the view from historic sites, “would establish a precedent that would make it difficult, if not impossible, to site offshore wind projects anywhere along the Eastern Seaboard.”

Their states — Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island — all have offshore wind projects in the works. Four of the governors are Democrats and two, in New Jersey and Rhode Island, are Republicans, showing that views of Cape Wind do not break down along political lines.
Seems there's some worry among Eastern states about the prospect of losing the opportunity to build wind farms. Good for the economy, more jobs, less reliance on foreign oil and dirty, dirty coal. Something like that.

The big complaint about offshore wind farms is that the spinning turbines fuck up the ocean view. Topping the list of opponents of the Cape Cod project has been the Kennedy family, which owns a nice piece of coastal real estate in the area. They're just not seeing the potential.

Cape Wind would be 5 miles offshore and the turbines would reach 440 feet above the water. Pretty much the province of fishermen and dolphins. Farmers and cows manage to tolerate Midwestern wind farms, even if highway travelers get a little freaked.

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Anonymous said...

Midwestern farmers and cows have now been living with 400 foot turbines for the two years and the verdict is in. They HATE them. They are nasty. Very noisy. Blade tips moving at 170 mph throwing strobing shadows half a mile. Wildlife gone.

elf2006real said...

And forget about sleep.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find a poll that said how midwestern cows felt, but I did find this when I googled midwestern farmer wind farm poll:

94% of Nebraska voters favorable. Moo