TLP: Census Counts How Many People Have Been Counted

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This is really no surprise. The Lazy Paperboy knows a few very polite and conscientious people from Wisconsin, so it figures that the land of cheeses ranks highest among states in returning Census forms. And, of course, it must be a point of pride that Wisconsin's 78 percent rate tops Minnesota's 76 percent figure. Midwestern manners only go as far as that border. Or so I hear.

Both states beat the national rate reported by the Census, according to the NYT:

Nearly one in three Americans failed to return their census questionnaires by Friday’s official deadline, the Census Bureau said.

More forms were expected to be received over the weekend. Census workers will not begin going door to door until May 1 to count people who did not return their questionnaires by mail.

As of early Friday, the mail participation rate was 68 percent. The mail participation rate, which the bureau is using this year for the first time, is the percentage of forms mailed back by households that received them.

Unlike the mail response rate, which the census used in earlier counts, it excludes forms returned by the postal service as undeliverable, often because a house or apartment was vacant. The mail response rate was 67 percent in 2000. If the undeliverable forms had been excluded then, the mail participation rate would have been 72 percent.
The grumbling about the Census seems to have cooled, including the conservative bitchfight over whether to fill out the form.

We'll see how things look May 1. I'm betting on Wisconsin for a big surge.

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