TLP: Congressman Says Conservatives Risk a Nancygasm By Ditching Census

conservative census fight
Republican Congressman Patrick McHenry seems to like running uphill. His call to put Ronald Reagan on the $50 bill faltered. Now, the North Carolina lawmaker urging fellow conservatives to fill out the Census.

McHenry wrote on RedState that "otherwise well-meaning conservatives" were spreading disinformation that could end up hurting them.

CNN reports:

"They are trying to do the right thing," McHenry wrote, "but instead they are helping big government liberals by discouraging fellow conservatives from filling out their census forms."

McHenry warned that low participation among conservatives could result in Democrats having a big advantage in the next round of congressional re-districting.

"Few things make will make Nancy Pelosi happier than large numbers of conservatives failing to respond to the census," he wrote. "If we do not respond, we will not be counted and if we are not counted, then we effectively will not exist."

As The Lazy Paperboy is regularly reminded by Jr Deputy Accountant, the best stuff is in the comments.

" ... as a conservative living in a large, chronically liberal city, how does it make sense for me to pad their representation and funding? If I (and enough like-minded conservatives) do not return the census, my city of New York will be under-counted and, thus, under-represented and under-funded."

"With all due respect, since when do politicians in DC respect the Constitution? Yeah, 14 days before April 15th, it’ll do the heart good to fill out the census forms as some form of Patriotic Duty, as Americans continue to get raped by their elected officials. Thanks for the reminder, Congressman. I now need to go sign my tax forms to remind myself that we are just grist for the mill of someone else’s entitlement."

"Why does the Census need to know my kids names, my wife’s names.. my phone number? I don’t think so.. I get enough calls and spam as it is, thanks. I’m already leery about the feds wanting to know too much about me.."

And, the kicker, right in McHenry's nuts:

"With all due respect, Congressman, you need to get out of Washington DC more and spend time in the real world. We don’t see things out here the way you see things there."

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