TLP: Isn't That A Pretty Ad? You Know You Want To Click It.

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No surprise that this was coming. Magazines lost the porn business to the Internet long ago. And now, advertising spending online has surpassed ad dollars in magazine.


For the first time, marketers spent more in 2009 on Internet advertising than in magazines, according to a report from ZenithOptimedia, which said online ad spending would rapidly close ground on newspapers. Despite a record-setting $6.3 billion fourth quarter, online advertising revenue declined 3.4 percent for the year from 2008, the first year-over-year falloff since 2002. The loss in ad spending across all media was an even steeper 12.3 percent for the year and 2 percent for the fourth quarter.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers reported that search ads posted a slight rise from 2008, comprising 47 percent of all Internet ad spending. Display ad spending rose a similar amount, while digital video ads climbed 38 percent. Revenues for online classifieds and e-mail advertising plummeted.
Advertising sales at major magazines fell to $19.5 billion, the report said. Meanwhile, online ad spending topped $22.6 billion last year. The number can only go higher. After all, this site is now in the game.

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