TLP: It Would Have Gotten There Sooner If It Were A Stimulus Project

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smoking obama
More than a year after Barack Obama became president, his official portrait will be on the wall of the Adams County Courthouse in Nebraska. Meanwhile, elected officials have had plenty of LOLz.

The Huffington Post smokes out the story:

The Adams County Courthouse meeting room will soon be getting an official portrait of President Barack Obama nearly 18 months after Obama was elected.

The portrait will hang in a spot that had held a framed black-and-white image depicting the President with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. That photo -- a notorious fake -- drew a complaint from a county official who found it disrespectful.

County Supervisor Eldon Orthmann, a Republican, told the Hastings Tribune that he had the smoking photo matted and framed at his own expense. Orthmann said he had hung it next to an official photo of Gov. Dave Heineman as a joke.

County Supervisor Lee Saathoff, the board's lone Democrat, said Monday that U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson's office is sending the county an official presidential portrait.
This important political dispute should have been settled already. All someone had to do was invoke the county smoking ban.

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