TLP: Maybe This Is What Happens When You Watch Too Many Movies

Monday, April 05, 2010 , , 0 Comments

bank robbery
Sometimes the best scheme is the simplest scheme. If you could shave with Occam's razor, believe me, The Lazy Paperboy would never use anything else.

For some would-be bank robbers in Paris, however, the clever got out of hand and things ended up being just a little bit too complicated.

You can just hear the BBC laughing about this one:

For the second time in a week, robbers in Paris have dug a tunnel to access the vaults of a high-street bank.

Police said they may have used the sewerage network to enter the BNP Paribas bank from a metro station, but fled before they could steal anything.

It is the latest of several similar incidents in the city.

A week ago, thieves raided dozens of safety deposit boxes at a branch of Credit Lyonnais after digging a tunnel into the vault.

The first robbery netted cash and jewels for the robbers who got in quietly and filled pillow cases all night. The failed heist went wrong when the thieves set off an alarm, alerting the gendarmes. Oh, and something exploded. The BBC reported that the robbers escaped, but without any loot.

And WTF? Whatever happened to walking in with a gun? Instead, you tunnel in from the Paris sewers, with everything that brings with it, and then you panic and don't take anything from the vault? Truly a shitty outcome.

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