TLP: Move to Put Reagan on the $50 Turns Into a Republican Clusterf#&k

republican fight over reagan and census
Congressman Patrick McHenry can't seem to stop fucking with the Republicans. And he's a Republican, which makes it so much more fun.

But before we get to that, poor McHenry, going into politics with the name he has. Like it's from some sort of bad St. Patrick's Day skit in the Virginia House of Burgesses. Who played the leprachaun, Thomas McJefferson?

McHenry is the North Carolina congressman who wants to put Ronald Reagan on the $50 bill, dumping U.S. Grant and his unbelievably patriotic name. (Unbelievable for a reason, by the way.) McHenry also waded into the conservative smackdown over the Census, encouraging opponents of the Census to fill it out or risk giving Democrats an advantage the next time congressional districts are drawn.

With all the trouble the GOP is having now — losing the Obamacare fight, watching Michael Steele fuck up, repeatedly — does McHenry really need to be stirring things up? The $50 bill isn't even important and it has Republicans pissing on each other.


[T]he bill introduced by Mr. McHenry and 17 co-sponsors, the majority from Southern states, has run into a hornets’ nest of opposition from Ohio lawmakers who will not stand still for any slight to their home-state hero.

State Representative Danny R. Bubp, a Republican from the district that includes Mr. Grant’s birthplace in Point Pleasant and childhood home in Brown County, is preparing a resolution that would oppose the currency change. ...

Mr. McHenry denied that he had any animosity toward Grant. “Every generation needs its own heroes,” he said. ... Mr. McHenry chose the $50 bill in part to remove partisanship from the debate by replacing one Republican president with another, said his chief of staff, Parker Poling.

The skirmish has made for strange political bedfellows: Republican fans of Grant are siding with Democrats who never saw eye to eye with Reagan. “Outside of a few individuals who are fans of Grant specifically, nearly all of the opposition to this proposal has come from liberals who simply don’t like President Reagan’s policies,” Mr. Poling said.

There are not many bigger Reagan fans than JDA — have you seen her 2010 edition "Reagan for President" t-shirt? — and she has already weighed in on putting him on the $50. (Key phrase: "how crass.") I think McHenry has a tougher fight than he expected.

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