TLP: Really, Can't This Story Please Just Go Away?

Sunday, April 18, 2010 , , 2 Comments

massa political scandal
Now it's completely a "he said, he said" bitchfight. And, sadly, not likely to be over any time soon. Pity the poor someone at the AP who will have to track this til it mercifully dies.

Former congressman Eric Massa said Saturday that someone forged a $40,000 salary increase for his chief of staff, who has accused Mr. Massa of sexual harassment.

Mr. Massa, a New York Democrat, also denied authorizing a check from a campaign account in the same amount to the same official, Joe Racalto, according to a statement released by Mr. Massa’s lawyer. Mr. Racalto’s lawyer denied the accusations and said the transactions were done at Mr. Massa’s direction.

The exchange came as Mr. Racalto filed a sexual harassment complaint against Mr. Massa, who resigned from the House in March.

Mr. Massa’s statement said that “someone forged then-congressman Massa’s signature on forms raising Mr. Racalto’s own salary as a member of the congressman’s personal staff from $120,000 per year to the maximum permissible level of $160,000.”
Ugly before it's over. Count on it.

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elf2006real said...

Well Racalto is a 2 faced SOB. Back when Massa was still a going concern he either 1) Defended him to the Press or 2) Set him up to the Press or 3) Both. Probably #3.

Then one way or another he cashed out. And will still try and shake down the former Congressman.

Massa had during his short term demonstrated public integrity when he first said he would vote for a Health Bill in the Summer of 09 - if it included a public option - despite the fact that it went against his constituents interests, then he refused the offer at the Netroots convention to have them bus in pro "Reform" demonstrators to his town Halls, then again when he voted no as there was no public option in the final Bill.

If you think that this would have hit the Press or that he would have made SNL's hit list (parent company is GE - in the tank for hopeful contract$ from ObamaCO) if Massa had voted "Yes" you are not as worldly as you think.

Anonymous said...

Mid-term election season hi-jinks are MY bread and circuses. I <3 this time of year. More kung fu fighting Happy happy, joy joy