TLP: This Is Florida, So "It Depends" May Be The Perfect Answer

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You have to figure Mitt Romney is serious about the presidential race. He's having trouble answering questions again. This time, it's about whether he would have taken stimulus money when he was governor of Massachusetts.

Campaigning for alleged back waxer Marco Rubio, who is running against Florida Gov. Charlie Crist for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate, Romney trashed the Obama stimulus package. He also slapped at Crist, who got behind the plan and accepted the money.


"What I would not have done would have been to welcome President Obama and say, 'This stimulus is one I support,'" the former Massachusetts governor said. "The Obama stimulus was a mistake for the country. It was a mistake for Florida. It did not create any new net jobs in the private sector. The only place it created jobs was in government."

Pressed again on whether he would have taken stimulus cash, Romney said: "It depends on what the money was."

"I haven't looked at each piece of it," he said. "I know some governors took some pieces. Others they said it would have required them to pay state money over some period of years."

"I can tell you I have not supported the Obama stimulus plan," he continued. "I think it was an enormous mistake."

Come on, Mitt, you can do better than that. If you want to say the stimulus was an enormous mistake, put a little real-life experience into it.

Eh. It's kind of the Romney rap. Like with Obamacare.

"An unconscionable abuse of power," Romney declared while asserting that the president "has betrayed his oath to the nation."

When Mitt starts talking like this, it's usually because he knows his own past record makes him vulnerable on the issue at hand.

And when it comes to healthcare, his hypocrisy is particularly galling. Romney is actually the only governor in American history ever to impose an individual health insurance mandate on his citizens. And an individual mandate, of course, is at the heart of Obama's reform package.
Not that I'm complaining.

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