TLP: What Alt-Tab is For

higher education porntotally SFW, which is the sad part

Now, just because no one at the SEC was fired for staring at porn for eight hours a day on the job, that doesn't mean it's going to work for everyone. I'm talking to you, North Carolina Research And Education Network. I saw what you did there.


Since 1985, MCNC has developed and operated the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN) in collaboration with the University of North Carolina’s 16 campuses. The fiber-optic, private network is dedicated to research and education, providing a statewide network backbone to foster innovation. NCREN provides high-speed Internet, video, audio and data network services for North Carolina public universities, Duke University, Wake Forest University, other private universities and community colleges, state government and non-profit institutions. NCREN also provides access to national research networks. MCNC, founded in 1980 to be a catalyst for technology-based economic development throughout North Carolina, is located in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park. For more information, please visit
So, which was it. Research? Or education?

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