TLP: You Know the Going-Away Party Won't Cost Anywhere Near $2,000

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republican money scandal
A Republican ghost surfaced last week to trash Michael Steele for the "absence of leadership" at the RNC, where Steele is still barely chairman. Seems former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum doesn't get down the way younger GOP types do in their off-hours. And Steele got no love at all from current Republican lawmakers who were given the chance Sunday to support him in the wake of the $2,000 outing at a bondage-themed club that the RNC funded for "Young Eagles" donors.

Santorum was making noise in Iowa, apparently contemplating a presidential run. (Is he ready for the return of "man on dog", because you know the media is.) But I digress. Happily.


"There is no excuse for people's contributions to the RNC to go to pay for this behavior," Santorum said, according to The Iowa Republican. "Frankly, I'm disgusted by it."

The RNC has since condemned the expenditure, fired the staffer responsible and promised that the money will be returned.

Santorum nevertheless criticized Steele for letting the controversial expense slip through the cracks in the first place.

"As a leader, you set the tone for your organization," he said. "If somebody who worked for my organization did something like this, they would be out of a job. It's not just that this happened; it's that someone saw this reimbursement and then approved of it.

Steele must have felt like a whipped dog watching congressional Republicans on "Fox News Sunday." Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona wouldn't say whether Steele should quit.

Take it from there, WSJ:

“But this kind of thing has got to stop or they won’t get any contributions. The people that contribute to the committees, both Democrat and Republican, want to know that their money is well spent for the cause, and it needs to be that way,” Kyl, the Senate minority whip, said. ...

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.), in charge of recruiting Republican House candidates, likewise offered little support when asked on “Fox News Sunday” if he had full confidence in Steele.

“If we are going to show the American public that we believe in accountability and bringing it back to Washington, we have to make sure that the RNC has the accountability just the same,” he replied.

That's what you call rubbing his nose in it.

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malus said...

In other bondage news, that Bond market is making its move to crash all over.

That 5y, 10y, and 30y aren't buying in.

Will the Equity market be slaughtered before the Bond market Alter?

Jonah Gibson said...

I don't know. Considering the results they got, it may be the best money they've spent in recent memory. Everything positive that's happened to the GOP since Obama was sworn in, the Democrats just handed to them.