What I'm Beating TLP With This Week: 4/4/10

While TLP is busy trumpeting his own awesomeness for sneaking "dick doctor" into a legitimate post about urologist Jack Cassell (aka Dr Nobama), I'm grabbing the paper and preparing to give him a good hard smack for using "dick" on my website. Only I get that sort of privilege. Safe to say, he's getting whacked around a bit harder this week than usual.

Lucky for him, he's into it. And it's been a busy news week. Also, if you think I am too much fluff and not enough accounting, watch this. Next thing he knows, he'll only be allowed to report on FASB and IFRS. Stick to the program, people.

Andrea Mitchell’s Lithuanian Plan For Combating Unemployment If unemployment is so "unacceptable" to everyone in the Obama administration, why is it they (and we) are still accepting it? (Firedoglake)

about that middle class dream… JDA is proud to report she ditched the middle class dream long ago and lives with 0% debt not giving a rat's ass what the Joneses are up to. Recommended! (The Reformed Broker)

New Math! Ummm wait a second... The Fed already uses magic math, they need MORE magic? I think that's when you know we're totally screwed but I am not an expert so take that for what it's worth. (LOLFed)

The Undeniable Value of Professional Skepticism One of the first accounting fundamentals I learned when I stalked the fringes of accounting in CPA Review was professional skepticism. After 3 years in the industry, I believe in it only in the same way mountain men in Alaska believe in Sasquatch. Yafeelme? (Terry Starbucker via re: The Auditors)

The Punch Bowl Is About To Be Taken Away: The Fed Meets Monday To Talk About Interest Rates OS thinks it's interest rates but this is not that sort of Fed meeting. Still, it's fun to put on the kettle and pop some corn. Nom nom nom. (OldSouth)

CPAs in BIG are BIG! The Maryland Association of CPAs shares some interesting news on how CPAs feel about Obamacare.  "Sixty-seven percent said they believe the new health care legislation will hurt their companies and 20 percent said it will help." I need not add comment. (CPA Success)

Ed Must Pass In other state society of CPAs news, the NJ Society has a new CPA exam candidate documenting his exam journey now that previous NJSCPA Exam Cram bloggers Kunal and Ryan have passed the exam and moved on with their lives. Always good to know that you are not alone. (NJSCPA Exam Cram)

Can I replace the standard checkmark tick marks with stick-men and other fanciful drawings? Krupo asks the questions that auditors are afraid to ask like "what happens if I exchange boring old tick marks for something with a little more personality that says 'These are my work papers and I proudly sign off on them. With this smiley face or exclamation point or fanciful drawing.'?" It is a valid question (A Counting School)

Picking up girls with my audit bag Speaking of work papers, LYF has to beat the bitches off with a stick when he's carrying his audit bag and wants to know if he is the only one. See? Accountants ARE sexy. (Last Year's File)

On working with felons As many of you know, Sam E. Antar is a close friend of mine. So? When everything goes to shit, I'd much rather have a guy like that on my side than someone who still operates under the false delusion of a criminal who hasn't yet been caught. Tracy Coenen has known Sam longer than I have and doesn't give a shit if you think she's nuts for using them for forensic financial analysis. So there. (Fraud Files)

Audit Notes: Fed Foe of Big Banks, Executive Pay, Credit Tricks I've only recently discovered Columbia Journalism Review's The Audit but I already like it. No, not that kind of audit; they comb the business news for bullshit and then call out the media on it. How could I not instantly fall in love? Must read. (Since TLP is the one who used to be a real live journalist, beating him to - and with - this will probably leave a mark. Too bad.) (The Audit)

PwC Report: We’re Not Getting Sued for Accounting Issues Nearly as Much Last but not least, PwC had some good news on April Fool's. Not as good as NASBA (allegedly) taking away CPA exam scores (kidding, relax you procrastinating bastards) but pretty good for them. (Going Concern)

Jr Deputy Accountant

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


Such a dilemma -- laziness is so much fun. But this week it really did lead to a good hard whacking. I guess I should spend more time looking online for news about business or about the business of news. Or something.

Don't tell JDA, but I get distracted. Trying out social media tricks, playing with devices, online shopping ... all so tempting. And totally worth that big red mark.