What I'm Beating TLP With This Week: 4/25/10

Sunday, April 25, 2010 1 Comments

After a brief beating hiatus while I attended to, well, you guys know by now, I'm back with a few weeks' worth of neglected newspapers that I haven't even glanced at and in the mood to whack TLP around like a red-headed stepchild just for kicks. Well that and obviously he likes it. A lot.

Anyway, here's what he missed this week.

Pay No Attention To The SEC Failure Behind The Curtain If it doesn't fit, you must acquit. In the case of the SEC, it looks like it may be time to put this lame horse out of its misery once and for all. Regulatory FAIL! (LOLFed)

The Thing About Selling Stocks Is, You’re Forced To Buy Something Else I'll take gold for $2000, Alex. And throw in a diamond-encrusted hood ornament for my Mazda, I'm feeling awfully confident that the Bernanke easy money whore cash will never run out. BEST RECOVERY EVAR!! (The Reformed Broker)

Iowan Thinking In Greece! For what won't be the last time, Skeptical CPA is again warning us of the dangers of government bonds. And talking a bunch of shit about the idiots who think they can sell it to us indefinitely, of course. (Skeptical CPA)

Why Can't They See? Michael Panzner just can't figure out what's wrong with all of you gloom-and-doomer Americans who refuse to drink the Kool-aid and party up this awesome recovery we are experiencing. DOW reaches a new high! Cash for Clunkers was a success! It's all over and we saved Bank of America! Yeah... sure. (Financial Armageddon)

Saturday Morning Fear Warning Gold will keep rising and Janet Yellen will always be an idiot, says Marc Faber. That was totally worth putting down my Cheerios for. (Kliguy38)

Great Big Drawbacks to Getting Your PhD in Accounting Well thank goodness TLP and JDA aren't mathletes anyway... (Joe Kristan via Going Concern)

Financial Reform: Consumer Protection Former Dallas Fedhead Bob McTeer speaks like a true economist when he offers up the same for and against argument on the financial reform front. "Just don’t engage in the sham of making the Fed a landlord and sugar daddy" could be one of the greatest lines in Dirty Fed guy history, if someone is keeping track of such things. (Bob McTeer)

Internecine Warfare Community bankers seem to be forgetting that Wall Street is not on their side. Hell, they aren't on anyone's side except their own. BLB reminds them with this striking bit of poetic wisdom: "Sometimes in a war, the enemy of your enemy is not, in fact, your friend. By the time you realize it, there's a bullet in your back." (Bank Lawyer's Blog)

And finally, former Mortgage Lender Implode-O-Meter Senior Editor Randall Marquis has put together a new site aggregating some of the best financial content, business and economy news, and of course mortgage haps from around the web. Check it out at Lender-Reviews.com and stay tuned for the evolution of Randall's new site - we wish him the best!

That should keep that paperboy in line for now... but I'll be happy to pull out last week's Sunday NYT and give him a good midweek smacking around if necessary. I'll be tied up as guest editor for Going Concern all week (on top of my daily column there) but can always make time for a good beating. You know, if warranted.

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