Yes, Virginia, There Is a War Going On (Two, Actually, Now Get Cracking)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 4 Comments

Good news for Virginia, and especially the mathletes over at the Richmond Fed who have to make the indexes look a lot better than they actually are for the 5th District.


Northrop Grumman has chosen Northern Virginia as the new home for its global headquarters, ending a heated competition among Virginia, Maryland and the District for the prestige of playing host to the defense contracting giant.

Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell (R) announced the decision Monday night in a joint statement with Northrop, describing the selection as a victory for what he called his administration's commitment to promoting business development.

"To gain the corporate headquarters of one of the largest global security contractors in the world is a testament to the strong business climate that we are focused on continually improving," said McDonnell, who has scheduled a news conference for Tuesday afternoon at Northrop's Rosslyn offices to discuss the move.

The statement did not specify a final site for the new headquarters. The company has been considering locations in Fairfax and Arlington.

Maryland tried to seduce Northrop Grumman too but with the argument that it is far more gay-friendly than, say, Northern Virginia. I can't say I've seen much of the state and there were only slight amounts of gay going on in the area that I did happen to catch but that's irrelevant and Maryland lost. Besides, it's still the same damn district and YAY will this make the numbers look shiny and new.

BEST. RECOVERY. EVAR!! Now let's build some weapons and blow some shit up! Woo!

Someone hide Jocelyn Testes-Harder if other businesses start sniffing around Virginia to see if they can get a piece of this hot McDonnell action while the checks are still good.

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elf2006real said...

If were going to divide up different theaters of war into discrete "wars" then you are leaving out the Philippines, Africa (including the Horn, the Sahel, Kenya), the Intelligence and Police wars going on, the many military assistance missions going on...

And while you are revising current events, revise History as well. Perhaps we should break World War II into the African War, the Italian war (Italy never attacked us!), the French War, The Belgium War, the Netherlands War, the German War, the Philippine war, The Pacific Islands War, The Japan War, The Atlantic War, The Air War....forgot the Aleutians war (yes the Japanese occupied them).

I think you may be out of your area of expertise.

As far as blowing shit up, yes. That's war. And it's always been and always will be part of humanity. Rather like Greed, fear, violence..etc.


I was speaking generally (and maybe trying too hard with that headline). My experience with Northrop is limited to my days as an accountant wrangler when I handled accounts for the Defense Contract Audit Agency. The point I think I was trying to make was that the war machine is more important than ever as some crackpot Congressman (or megalomaniac President) will come along any day now saying the way out of this financial mess is, naturally, a war.

History is not my strong point and how could it be seeing as how I am a product of American public schools? Abe Lincoln freed the slaves out of the goodness of his heart, right? At least that's what the books said.

I've spent half my adulthood catching up on "education" with a focus on finance and economics, history is next on the list. :)

If I'd been in charge of this state, all these so-called conservatives would have been sitting in concentration camps since 2004.

Yeah, I'm that kind of liberal.

elf2006real said...

NP JDP...sorry if I came across a little strong..

You have a point. Hemmingway said "the first resort of a bankrupt government is inflation, the second is war."

I'll add the third resort is selling off their own territory and assets.

My bet would be Alaska.