Answering Random Googler: Is BB&T a Good Bank?

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 Jamie Dimon IS sexy

OK, it was actually someone searching on Yahoo but "Yahooer" isn't a word and shows the caliber of person we are dealing with here. Only a few notches down from whomever is constantly Googling "Jamie Dimon Sexy", which disturbs me to this day.

So, what's the answer? Is BB&T a good bank? Let's ask the Internet.

My Bank Tracker has some real reviews from real customers and they're not very nice.

“BB&T is the worst bank in the world”

I have been a customer with BB&T for over three years now and I must say that I have never been treated as poorly as I have lately by them. I entered a deposit. A deposit cleared the same day as an automatic payment that I set up. The funny thing is that despite the deposit having posted in full to my account, I was told that the check had a hold on it and the payment therefore over drafted my account. Not only did they charge an overdraft fee on that transaction, they charged 9 of them. This bank is a complete rip off. Local banks definitely care about their customers far more than big banks. Give them a try instead of these scamming, conniving thieves.

For fuck's sake, Jamie Dimon and his Chase people don't treat ME like that. Don't can me for banking with Chase, I'm betting this ship is going down and if my money is going down with it, I'm sticking with the guys who own the Fed, sorry. It's not like my bitch ass deposits do anything for Chase when they can get cheap easy money from Bernanke just by asking. Nicely. Maybe. Anyway, Dimon's people don't assrape me so I feel sort of bad for this guy.

As for this person? I don't really feel bad. If they've been bending you over for 12 years, why are you still there? That's more than having issues, you're sick and twisted for sticking around and taking it.

“I've had issues”

I have been a with BBT for over 12 years. And when they make a mistake I apologize maybe but don’t try to correct the problem. Posting are not completed in a timely manner. I have always been dissatisfied but this is my last draw. Was told I have overdraft protection when in fact I didn’t. Some transactions (although they were my fault) cost me more than my light bill. I am very disgusted.

And what? That doesn't even make sense.

Overdraft fees seem to be a bit of a problem. As always. The Fed is nice and therefore gave you the option to opt-out so you should, that way they can't charge you. Chase makes a non-Chase ATM a separate line item of $2 so if you overdraft on someone else's ATM machine, Dimon wants it twice out of your ass. So don't whine and just count up the debits on one side and the credits on the other. If debits are larger than credits, you're screwed and they are taking a nice piece of dat ass. Possibly as a separate line item, just sit there and take it, didn't you read the terms?

Is it the bank's fault? I'm not sure it is. A Virginia college student sued them over their overdraft policy, so maybe that's how we got the Fed to make banks back off. My theory is that Chase acts well to (some of) its customers because its other activities in markets are pretty fucked up. But little Mr. SFSU student overdrafting on lattes at Ritual doesn't have to know that if you assrape him as little as possible in his checking account. The more banks back off and try to screw not-a-mathlete depositor as little as possible, the more time the banks have for backing up the truck to Bernanke's easy money back door.

Debits, can get confusing fast... Let's say you have $10 in my account. And you just deposited one hundred more. Then you buy, say, $15 worth of gas, and then grab lunch, say maybe $5. Chronologically, you should have enough money to cover your expenses for the day. But that's not how Sain says the bank sees things. A bank representative told him, the bank "resequences" the charges. So the expenses are entered first, minus 15 dollars for gas, and then minus 5 more for lunch, before adding the $100 deposit. If that's the case, you would face two 35 dollar overdraft charges. Sain - "They target low income consumers. Wealthy people obviously will not have overdraft." It's why he's filed a lawsuit against his bank, BB&T. Sain - "I think I've got very good grounds to bring this action against them." He says banks shouldn't be allowed to manipulate debits and credits. It won't be an easy ride. Sain - "I'm going to go represent myself. Like I said, there are a lot of obstacles against me right now, and if I lose here at the district level, I will appeal to Richmond." We spoke with a representative from BB&T. She says she can not speak to the lawsuit. But when it comes to resequencing, she says, the bank's policy is to enter credits, or deposits first. Then she says the charges are subtracted from the account depending on how they come in. She says regardless of how the charges are represented in the account, the bank's policy is made clear to new clients and it is the client's responsibility to maintain a positive balance.

Can you get pissed at the bank for an answer like that? I'd say the same thing. It is not the bank's job to teach you to do math.

Hope that answers your question.

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