BP's Humpty Dumpty is Still Broken at the Bottom of the Ocean

Saturday, May 15, 2010 , 0 Comments

K, here's what happens with the entire oil spill situation in the gulf... Let me save everyone a whole bunch of time.

BP continues to try revolutionary methods to cap the spill, all of them fail, and eventually people get bored reading about how try as they might, they just can't stop the gush. Happens.

Meanwhile, the finger-pointing among oil execs will also continue ad nauseum until Obama fines someone's ass or decides that everyone needs to STFU and fines them all.

Sure, wildlife will be dead and entire Gulf economies obliterated but who cares?


Early on Friday, BP began trying to thread a 6in (15cm) wide tube into a damaged 21in wide pipe on the ocean floor off Louisiana.

Like a long straw, the tube is intended to slurp oil to a ship on the surface, and a stopper surrounding it would stem the flow of crude into the sea.

But in a Saturday briefing in Robert, Louisiana, BP chief operating officer Doug Suttles said his technicians had hit a snag.

"We hope to have that tool inserted by sometime late tonight. It's back on the seabed," he said.

"We did have to pull it back to surface yesterday to make some adjustments so we could connect it properly to the pipe-work that connects it to the ship, but we expect to begin operation of the equipment overnight."

Oh and let's not waste a good crisis, as some members in the Senate seem to believe now is the appropriate time to sneak even more offshore drilling into a not-so-innocuous-to-begin-with climate bill.

Go America!

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