Dennis Kneale Should Learn a Lesson in Capitalism If He's Crying About Its Death

Thursday, May 27, 2010 , , 0 Comments

Last year, Dennis decided to take on the bloggers. I'm not sure which bloggers in particular truly irked him but it was only slightly vindicating to see him lose his CNBC show not that long after.


After a 25-year career at The Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine, he joined CNBC in October of 2007. Given that the average contract in television is three years, that means his contract is likely coming up for renewal this fall. So far, CNBC hasn't told him whether it will keep him around. "All my life I've worked at basically three places. I'm not sure what I'll do," he says.

Kneale's story of his time at CNBC is interwoven with interesting tales. He got a shot at his own show in late April of last year. CNBC asked him to solo anchor, for one week, the 8:00 PM show "CNBC Reports." He invented his own catch-phrase - "I'm sellin' the hope!" -- and picked a nasty fight with bloggers. He also tangled with market doomsayers and recited his mantra: "We're gonna be okay."

But CNBC canceled the show in mid-September 2009, filling the time slot with documentary retreads on everything from "California Chronic" to "Billionaire Biographies." Kneale still seems stung by the move. "I'm not sure they ever watched my show" before killing it, he says. "I just hope it's not my only shot."

Kneale, like Rachel Maddow, just doesn't have a face for TV.

So here's the suggestion: monetize. If Kneale has a large enough following and they believe what he says, he can tell CNBC to fuck themselves backwards with one of Jim Cramer's floppy hammers and go make his way on his own. He can pimp the brand out for ads and not have to take CNBC's shit.

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