Detroit Can't Sell Houses So Will Be Destroying Them Instead

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There's a bit in here about Mitt Romney's boyhood home being demolished but no one seems too broken up about that. No pun intended.

I volunteer San Francisco's own Gavin Newsom to go over there and clean things up. If he managed to get some of our homeless off the streets, he can probably stop bullets with his hair and perhaps bring Detroit to glory.

Livable home destruction subsidized by Obama's stimulus money to make it appear as though there are less houses available in Detroit than there used to be can be found as little blue dots here.


Wrecking crews are preparing to tear down a landmark 5,000-square-foot house in the posh neighborhood of Palmer Woods in the coming weeks, a sign that Detroit is finally getting serious about razing thousands of vacant and abandoned structures across the city.

In leveling 1860 Balmoral Drive, the boyhood home of one-time presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Detroit is losing a small piece of its history. But the project is part of a demolition effort that is just now gaining momentum and could help define the city's future.

Detroit is finally chipping away at a glut of abandoned homes that has been piling up for decades, and intends to take advantage of warm weather and new federal funding to demolish some 3,000 buildings by the end of September.

Mayor Dave Bing has pledged to knock down 10,000 structures in his first term as part of a nascent plan to "right-size" Detroit, or reconfigure the city to reflect its shrinking population.

Google maps shows a foreclosure bloodbath no worse than anywhere else in America right now.

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Makes sense if you are trying to eliminate inventory and create the illusion of demand in a market that has little. Like a little rash. Ain't it cute?

In related Detroit news, GMAC is trying to fully capitalize on the "unrelated bailout-ness" of the Ally name by changing its name to Ally Financial. Good luck with that, we saw what you did there and know who you are, GMAC/Ally/whateverthefuckyoucallyourselves.

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