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Except for "elite liberal media whores", I didn't get much out of this video but don't miss the "feminist" with the face piercing talking about teabagging. It gets bizarre toward the middle and pretty much keeps that up for two full minutes, trotting out every liberal stereotype that was available that day spewing jewels like "Kill medicare, the VA and Socialist Security..." and "...ask them why Pat Robertson is such a dick..." It goes on and on.

It confuses Tea Partiers with the GOP and of course relies heavily on the old stereotype of FOXNews feeding endless Republican propaganda to counter propaganda from this side. Back and forth it goes, edited in perfect 3 second shots, reality show format. Oh, and here's the press release: Former GEICO Announcer Admits Mistake, Releases PSA Targeted At Critics of FreedomWorks And The Tea Party:

Last March, Mr. Douglas was angered by the racist and homophobic slurs allegedly shouted by Tea Party protesters during the final health care debate weekend. In response, he made a call to FreedomWorks, an alleged grassroots Tea Party organization chaired by ex-lobbyist Dick Armey. In his voicemail, Mr. Douglas inquired about the IQ level of FreedomWorks and whether the organization had a PR plan in place for when one of their fringe followers crossed a line and became violent. He also left his number in hopes of actually getting an answer. FreedomWorks retuned his call weeks later, but Mr. Douglas declined to engage them since " care reform had passed and, honestly, I would've thought they had more important Tea Party business to attend to."

IMHO Douglas - or whomever put this release together - comes off as trying way too hard to be clever without ever grabbing it.

The attempt at programming is blatant, gross, and pretty fucking wrong. Ugh.

HuffPo readers appear to love the video. Go figure. Keep bitchfighting amongst yourselves...

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