Goldman Sachs' Pervert Lawyer Gets Sentenced?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 , , , 6 Comments

Supposedly, GS skeeze lawyer Todd Genger was to be sentenced today after pleading guilty on 2/23/10 to, uh, skeezing on fake 15 year old girls on the Internet or something. Just kidding, it was a felony charge of disseminating indecent material to a minor. Though we aren't sure what they mean by "indecent material", we've seen enough episodes of To Catch a Predator to make an educated guess (it starts with cock and ends with shots, ahem).

Either Todd didn't show up in court or Westchester county hasn't gotten around to updating its records for today but as yet, no word on how many years this perv is in for.

Jr Deputy Accountant will update accordingly, maybe when she gets a collect call from the NY State Department of Corrections from Toddy asking for a care package of tube socks and baby oil. Mmmm!

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Jr Deputy Accountant

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


Anonymous said...

Genger's gotta go!

Anonymous said...

Todd Genger is scheduled for a "conference" with the Westchester County Criminal Court on June 9, 2010, and "sentencing" is scheduled for June 29, 2010. Anyone have any intelligence as to what the "conference" is all about? Anyone know what Genger's been up to these days? His old number at Goldman is not assigned; so he's not doing compliance work at Goldman any more. No surprise. Wonder how that works? Does H.R. call-up and say that one should pack one's office when one has been accused of seeing to hook-up with a fifteen-year-old? His law license will be taken away--that's for sure. What's Genger going to do now? His wife will get everything in the divorce and his child support obligation will be significant. Financial ruin, undoubtedly, for Mr. Genger.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sleaze has been living in Florida at his father in law's house ( a rabbi)with his wife and children.

Anonymous said...

He just moved from Florida back to New York and just pled guilty to a Class E felony, and got time served with 5 years probation. The Florida neighbors got him booted from the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

What does probation mean? Will Genger be prohibited from being around children--including his own? Will he have to remain in New York unless his probation officer gives him permission to leave the jurisdiction? Will he be registered as a sex offender? Will he be permitted to own a computer? Will his probation require that Genger inform others of his convictions? That his father-in-law was able to forgive Genger after what Genger did and what Genger has forced his family to endure is amazing. Was Genger really kicked out of the neighborhood? He will be prohibited from living in many communities, he will have difficulty getting a job, he will be refused a visa by virtually every country, and his law license is going to be taken away from him. No prison sentence is a surprise since the crimes that he committed each provide for a sentence of 15-48 months in the state penitentary. No divorce yet?

Apparently he is living with the wife and kids in Florida, Anon. So no, no divorce. Awww loyalty.