Google Partners With the Small Business Administration to Get You Off Your Lazy SEO Ass

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Google and the SBA have joined forces to give us all "Tools for Online Success" and the goal, it appears, is for lazy business owners to get themselves all nice and optimized (some of you are still in 1999 but I will not name names).

Now listen, just because the site pushes online advertising (wink wink) as a way to succeed doesn't mean it's just a poorly-designed Google ad itself. For SEO-averse business owners, it breaks down the big scary world of running a business with the Internet's help in the way only a partnership with a government bureaucracy can.

Psst, have you heard of the Internet? It's pretty awesome, you should check it out.

Anyway, the idea is that you can't get people in the door if you don't get them through the tubes first. It's a tad late to be jumping on the Internet marketing bandwagon but better late than never, right?

Today the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and Google announced a new partnership and unveiled "Tools for Online Success," an array of online resources and training designed to help small business owners harness technology to grow their businesses. The "Tools for Online Success" site ( features tutorials, video testimonials, and tips from savvy small business people who have leveraged the web to become more efficient, more cost-effective, and more successful.

"The SBA is pleased to partner with Google to put these important tools in the hands of small businesses across the country," said SBA Administrator Karen Mills. "As the web evolves and consumers adapt accordingly, we know that more customers are finding traditional 'Main Street' businesses online. With these tools for online success, we can ensure these small businesses reach new markets and customers so they can continue to create jobs."

"One fifth of searches on Google are related to location, which shows that people are looking to the Internet to make decisions about where to go and what to do in their daily lives," said John Hanke, Vice President of Product Management, Google. "We want to connect our users with the businesses that provide the goods and services they need, but the first step is for those businesses to have an online presence. We're excited to team up with the SBA to make that process easier for business owners across the country."

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