Let's Just Use Nancy Pelosi's Entire Head to Mop Up Gulf Oil

Friday, May 28, 2010 , , , 10 Comments

Pic credit: With a Beard

If Nancy Pelosi were a real patriot, she'd also offer to shave her back hair to save the Gulf.


“Well, the technology to drill may be different, but the technology to clean up is not,” she said, then went on to offer her Exhibit A of outmoded cleanup technology.

“I went to get a haircut the other day …they had a sign in there that said: ‘Will all of you donate your hair to send to the Gulf for cleanup?’ — could that be more primitive?” she said in distaste, referring to one of the more unusual Gulf oil cleanup campaigns, in which salons, barbers and pet groomers have been contributing tons of hair—biodegradable, absorbent–to sop up the oil.

“So,” Pelosi went on, “if the technology has advanced that the drilling is okay, they should have said: ‘Women across America have to donate their hair if this doesn’t work.’

“But they didn’t really say it that way. The technology making it safer implied, I think, that we would avoid this kind of thing.”

The real question is, did Pelosi offer up the hair or what? Primitive as it is, it might be better than anything they've tried to date.

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elf2006real said...

What is her haircut fetish? Remember back in 07/08 she was saying "we're going to have to learn to take a haircut in this country"

I guess that doesn't apply to DC.

Anonymous said...

It's just a wondering of mine but given that the disposal of chicken feathers in the food processing business and given the way that oil sticks to live birds, my thought was why not create lenghty nylon "tube booms" that are filled with waste chicken feathers. I don't know what the volume produced is but my old Brazilian buddy who was a food scientist and pharmacist by training told me once that getting rid of chicken feathers was a major pain in the ass for the Tyson's of the world. Just a thought - maybe it doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

...and don't bust my ass for spelling Adrienne. I'm not in the mood.

I'm not in the mood either, you get a pass.

Let's clone 500 Pelosis and just buoy them out there to mop the shit up.

Anonymous said...

"Let's clone 500 Pelosis and just buoy them out there to mop the shit up"

Perhaps Nancy could just talk to the oil slick at length - so much so that the oil says "Alright already, I'll go back into the hole if you will just shut up".

Barry is out there right now trying to reason with the oil

Thanks for the pass - I love you JDA.

Anonymous said...

p.s. like the photo - looks like the male, adult love child of Nancy and Conan O'Brien (or Jo Jo the Dog Faced Boy).

Love ya right back, kiddo. Life's too short to be a dick ALL the time. TLP has yet to learn that lesson but oh well, someone's gotta do it...

'but oh well, someone's gotta do it...'

what can i say? i'm a giver.

Anonymous said...

not a giver - there's no money or future in that.

Anonymous said...

"Life's too short to be a dick ALL the time"

Is your spelling Nazi uniform at the Laundry Locker cleaners today? - you know I'm bullshittin' ya.