Mark Sanford is Trying to Find His Way Back to the Appalachian Trail

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 , , 0 Comments

JDA's favorite ARRA-adverse but stimulus-addicted governor appears to be trying to book some quality time with his mistress (do you still call her that if Jenny Sanford has already gotten a book deal and hit the talk show circuit?), meeting with her in Florida to discuss if they could maybe hook up again. My guess is the spark went out the window when reporters started chasing her down but maybe she's into that and Sanford gives a good bone. Who knows. If she's down for it, they're no longer discussing by now and should be lost on the Appalachian Trail for the next three or four days. Or one would assume.

Give the guy a break, his wife divorced him, his term is up in January and South Carolina was forced to take dirty Obama stimulus money anyway instead of being allowed to pay down his state's debt. This piece of tail is all the man has left.

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