Meet the Richmond Fed

Friday, May 28, 2010 , 0 Comments

 Pic credit: Tobacco Avenue

Wanting to distinguish themselves from those uptight, bailout-happy pricks at the Board of Governors (allegedly), the Richmond Fed has released a cozy new film called At Work on Main Street. Some highlights include the fake charts staged behind Jeff Lacker and the sketchy people hanging out behind the illustrated Board.

While it's cute that they're trying, I think this would have been much better received had it featured 3 second spaz shots a la reality shows and maybe a nice soundtrack. Like this:

I can imagine it would have been difficult to sell Lacker on the red body paint.

It isn't the people who would respond to this type of 9 minute inFedmercial that Richmond needs to convince, it's the sheeple with a 2 second attention span. Here's an idea, why not try a new VH-1 reality show? Hell, don't even start a new one, recycle I Love Money into one big indulgent ad for the Fed. Do an elimination-style battle among Fed presidents on a remote island with only lots of booze and cameras filming 24:7. I'd pay to see that.

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