SF Fed's Yellen Faces a 56% Pay Cut at the Board

Monday, May 24, 2010 , 0 Comments

pic credit: mtts

The Fed's best-paid money-printer is facing a 56% pay cut by bailing on the SF Fed and heading over to the Board to play Bernanke's bitch.

Bloomberg nee Business Week:

San Francisco Fed President Janet Yellen faces a 56 percent pay cut if she is confirmed as vice- chairman of the central bank’s Board of Governors in Washington.

In her current post, Yellen earned $410,800 last year, the most of any Fed president, according to the central bank’s annual report, posted today on its Web site. As the No. 2 official on the Fed board she would earn $179,700.

Hahahahahahahaha, sucks for Yellen!

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