That's THIRD Stimulus, Not Second

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 , , , 0 Comments

 nope, you're not getting a check this time either...

Remember standing by the mailbox waiting for Bushy Jr's stimulus? So let's keep that in perspective when discussing an additional stimulus measure - proposed by cheeseburger addict and serial maniac Larry Summers. Don't credit Obama with making this statement, he was busy here in my home base of San Francisco this week trying to whore himself out for the sake of Barbara Boxer's reelection campaign. Sexy.

The FT is reporting that our greasy friend Larry wants more money, though not nearly as much as the last time by the sound of things. You know, just a little bit more, since the first bit (or second, depending on when you started counting) is working so damn well. However, let's give a point to Larry for getting real and actually stating "a move to fiscal discipline would be premature at this point in the cycle." You know, why start pinching pennies now?

Only $200 billion, that's the Walmart of bailouts if you ask me.

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