TLP: Does This Mean Michael Steele Won't Have Anything To Say?

Friday, May 07, 2010 , , 0 Comments

If there's a press release to issue, but no one there to write it, does it make a sound?

CNN Political Ticker:

Three members of the Republican National Committee's communications team are leaving the party organization, an RNC official told CNN Wednesday. ...

The official stressed that the departures had nothing to do with the turmoil that has rocked the RNC in recent months. Several top officials were either fired or quit the committee last month in the wake of a spending scandal involving a risqué nightclub.

"It's no surprise that as we gear up into the political season that the national committee is seen as fertile ground to find seasoned professionals to help win campaigns," the official said. "This is what happens when you have great staff and we are excited for their new opportunities. We look forward to continuing to work with them to achieve victory in November."
Maybe. Or maybe expense accounts are just a bitch these days.

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