TLP: Is There Anything He Touched That Didn't Go To Sh*t?

Monday, May 24, 2010 , , 7 Comments

bush baseball bankruptcy
Granted, it's been a few years since George W. Bush had anything to do with the Texas Rangers, but, come on, how easy is this one?

The battle over the Texas Rangers baseball franchise escalated to an all-out war Monday, with the team filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a pre-packaged effort to force a sale to Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan and his partner, Pittsburgh attorney Chuck Greenberg, after a months-long fight over the fate of the franchise.

The Rangers current owner, Tom Hicks' HSG Sports Group, now faces an angry group of creditors, who are owed more than $540 million. They are vowing to oppose the bankruptcy, arguing that the deal proposed to the court doesn't provide them with the money they are entitled to under the terms of their loan agreements.

The bankruptcy filing was the latest move in a 14-month fight between the creditors and Mr. Hicks, whose company defaulted on loans in March 2009, when Mr. Hicks decided he would no longer prop up the company's operations with money from his personal fortune.
Once that's settled, maybe someone is up for bidding on Iraq, the Republican Party and the English language.

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elf2006real said...

Well now Bush happened to be around when certain bombs planted much earlier went off - the Fed, CRA and securitizing it's bad debt, the mess that is Fannie and Freddie finally blowing up. His actual record would look more like:

Domestic - Liberal Repub-

Homeland Security (so/so)
No Child Left behind
Prescription Drug benefit
More debt but Low taxes
Tax cuts
Didn't stop the Fed
Fannie/Freddie not stopped
MBS/CDS mortgage debt crash
Initial bailouts of Wall Street, banks, GM
Abandoned Free market principles (admitted it).


9/11 - vigorous response to Black Swan

War overseas on multiple fronts (it's the same War)

Homeland not attacked again

Unpopular amongst the International Left (who is)for unabashed Patriotism and muscular response.


The real downer is the financial crash. How many millions of people labored hard and long to make that happen? Is it Bush's fault if you took out an ARM? Used your house as an ATM?

We have to learn personal responsibility. We did it, he just didn't or couldn't stop us.

I'm not laying the financial crisis on Bush ... long fuse on that one.

He's not exactly the role model for personal responsibility. (see also: Poppy's trash can, Texas National Guard, Harken Energy, Vice President Dick Cheney, Presidential Daily Brief, Aug. 6, 2001.)

elf2006real said...

I dunno about most of that stuff - Poppy's trash can, youthful indiscretions, etc.

Dick Cheney was one effective SOB, and every President needs one. Mind you it wasn't until Abu Gharib and Iraq that Cheney suddenly becomes Darth Vader. And Cheney didn't embrace the Dark Side until he's sitting in the bunker watching TV on 9/11 and vows never again, at least on my watch.

TLP in War you go to the Dark Side. That's just reality.

And if I'm in a fight for my life I want Darth Vader siding me, as opposed to Jar Jar Binks.

The NIB 6 Aug 2001: not much there that's actionable. UBL determined to strike in US - the USA is a 2000x1500 mile box. And in any case UBL had been making that clear for 3 years.

Like most intel - generic and you can get it from the News (they do).

Bush/Cheney actually did pretty good with the govt tools they had to work with: Intel sucks and likes hiring White Ivy Leaguers - not exactly the AQ demographic. A military that still thought it's the Cold War and they need to be ready for the Big one in the Fulda Gap (Soviet Invasion route). A congress so corrupt they 1) insisted on no vetoes to anything as price of supporting war and 2) filched most of the Homeland Security Money for their home districts, most of which are as remote to the thinking of AQ as the Korengal valley is to us. And a DoJ that thinks it's main mission is to protect the Civil Liberties of our enemies.

Not much to work with, yet after we got our Black Swan they mostly did.


This is about responsibility. From wanting to go mano a mano with the old man when he busts you coming home drunk to ignoring obligations to cashing out at an opportune moment to spending a good portion of his pre-9/11 presidency at Camp David and the Prairie Chapel Ranch. (And if W couldn't grasp what the PDB meant, Dick Clarke and George Tenet seemed to.)

And by the way, if you believe Paul O'Neill, Cheney (and Rumsfeld) had targeted Iraq long before and Black Swans swam by.

ahem ... "any" Black Swans.

Anonymous said...

The Bush is dead! Long live The Bush! Listening to Perry, I wonder if a scared shitless, broke and busted, "diversity adverse", recently foreclosed, white bread America isn't going to flock to the guy's doorstep. Of course, most of these guys will say just about anything to get into office... just look at the current Commander in Chief. That fucker was shucking and jiving like fucking Huggie Bear on Starskey and Hutch trying to get his name out there and he's gone backward on a shit load of promises made after he landed in the big chair. But, to an extent Perry has a point. For The Bernank and Co. Crew to continually undermine the value of the price of liquidity to the detriment of many so as to benefit a few is a load of shit. Treason... eh, that's a stretch but he's making a point. I like the way the others are putting some distance between themselves and Bennie. It’s like he suddenly showed up for a meeting with a giant cold sore on his lip and a bad case of gas.

Anonymous said...

ahem... "undermine the price of liquidity"