TLP: Maybe Showing Up in a Tank Would Improve the Pentagon's Chances

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There is no end, really, to the laughs coming out of the fucking around on Capitol Hill that is known as "financial reform." While the crickets chirp at Constitution and 20th following the "Audit the Fed" vote, the military is getting bitch-slapped and having their dress greens ruffled by a bunch of car dealers in cheap plaid jackets.

David Cho explains in The Washington Post:

In the battle to overhaul the nation's financial regulations, a lobbying effort by the world's most powerful military force may have met its match in the local car dealer.

The standoff centers on a proposal by Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) to exempt most auto lending from new government oversight. The armed forces argue that extra consumer protections are needed because dealerships often employ high-pressure tactics to trap military families into expensive loans.

The dealers counter that regulators already have the power to crack down on such practices and that the new rules would punish honest Main Street businesses for the mistakes of big banks and reckless traders on Wall Street. A vote on Brownback's provision is expected Wednesday.

The campaigns are forcing lawmakers into an uncomfortable choice between the interests of the military and car dealers, who run one of the most influential and deep-pocketed political action committees in Washington and tend to be intimately involved in politics in lawmakers' home districts.

Ever see a politician in a parade? Waving from a shiny convertible with a big-ass sign plastered on the side with his name on it? No surprise if the car was loaned by a local dealership. Look closer, there's probably another sign on the car. Then there's the matter of the $85 billion Detroit bailout that saved what's left of the American auto industry.


If the car dealers get this one through, it'll be pretty ballsy for them to slap "We Support Our Troops" stickers on their bumpers.

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Anonymous said...

"The armed forces argue that extra consumer protections are needed because dealerships often employ high-pressure tactics to trap military families into expensive loans."

Well, wait just a cotton pickin' second there - just to argue the opposite side a bit... I thought these were battle hardened, heroic G.I. Joes with the kung fu grip defending mom, apple pie, baseball and Chevrolet throughout the world and you mean to tell me they have difficulty saying "no" to a guy in a 70's style green plaid jacket and sporting a Freddie Mercury mustache? Wow, we are really, really, really fucked.


Yes, Jeff, that's the other WTF in this drama. Maybe the lobbyists hired by the auto dealers are tougher than the Pentagon's Capitol Hill squad. But it is hard to imagine that scene you described at some car lot outside Camp Pendleton or Fort Bragg, huh?

Anonymous said...

We need to adopt a different strategy for Iraq and Afghanistan. We need to deploy armies of plaid loving used car salesmen to sell OBL and company 2004 Ford Excursions (low miles AND free undercoating AND free GPS navigation) on E-Z credit terms - that will show them....

Anonymous said...

...throw in some spinner rims AT COST... who could refuse? Plus, buy today and get a DEATH TO AMERICA bumper sticker...

Anonymous said...

It's a cultural problem. See the CNN story.

The guy is a fucking Air Force Major for crying out loud. Now, I'm sorry for his problem, I truly am but Jesus H. Christ... my thought while reading this was "grow a fucking spine already and tell your pooky princess wife and the real estate agent to go take a fucking leap already and rent a place. They guy probably knew what a can of worms he was opening but couldn't say "no"."

Anonymous said...

"So the Hallbecks swallowed hard and bought an $845,000 four-bedroom in a suburb of Long Beach."

845,000 fucking BORROWED DOLLARS for a God damned place to hang your hat???!!!!?????? People have completely lost their fucking minds!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you guys are Golden Stater's so please tell me where the fucking diamonds and gold are buried out at Long Beach please - my fucking cat and I are going to take a vacation and do some prospecting out in Long Beach.

So, does the Major have a God damned oil well in the back yard that he's collecting production royalties from???

Anonymous said...

"The $3,800 monthly payment was high but affordable on two incomes." REALLY?!?

We need to form a Blue Ribbon Commission to study this problem and form a Pentagon housed task force to guard military heros and their families from these high pressure sales tactics and this usery credit environment.

I would think that the prospect of making A $3,800 MONTHLY NOTE ON A FUCKING SHACK FOR THREE FUCKING DECADES pressure in the opposite direction of going forward but that must just be me.

Anonymous said...

One guy I bird hunt with was an A.F. major and Vietnam vet. He Flew planes affectionately known as “trash haulers”. Know what he drove until it was completely shot and rusted out after twenty plus years of ownership? An International Scout. He will proudly tell you that the last stop for the Scout was to the junk yard where he collected $50 for the title. It was so used up and rust riddled that it was no longer safe to drive. The guy is as solvent as the day is long (I wonder fucking why???)

One guy I motorcycle with is just a hoot – pushing 80 and a former jet pilot in the Korean conflict. Know what he’s ridden for years and years? A fucking Honda Nighthawk 750 that’s has seen all the “road wars”. Again, solvent as the day is long (I wonder fucking why??)

They are not immune to sales pressure. They get asked to do foolish things using foolish credit terms but they know how to say “no”. Maybe there should be a Nancy Reagan campaign for “just say no” again only this time it is for people who are supposed to be grown up.

Anonymous said...

The armed forces argue that extra consumer protections are needed because dealerships often employ high-pressure tactics to trap military families into expensive loans.

No shortage of laws, consumer protection bodies, rule and regulating writing bodies... just use some common fucking sense and enforce the damned things already.

And we wonder why the federal government has grown to be the size that it is? When everybody wants a Mommy, it has to grow.