TLP: No Surprise That This Guy is About to be the Ex-Publisher

3-D newspaper
The Lazy Paperboy still walks to the end of his driveway every day for a newspaper. Broadsheet, rolled up in a nice bag, a surprise waiting with the turn of every page.

Sure, it's old school, but he used to deliver the fucking things and, later, someone paid him to spend his days asking questions and writing stories. He tried to not be so lazy in that job.

But, come on. A 3-D newspaper is kind of stupid. No, it's a lot stupid.

AP via HuffPo:

Want journalism with depth? The Philadelphia Inquirer is going 3-D.

The paper plans to publish a special section next month featuring full-page 3-D pictures and advertisements, and will provide clear-lens 3-D glasses for viewing them.

The special edition is scheduled to appear on newsstands on Sunday, June 13, and be available on the the following day. The goal is to push the experience readers can get from newspapers, outgoing Publisher Brian Tierney said in a statement.

Three-dimensional effects have been growing in popularity recently, including the successful 3-D release of Avatar and Playboy's decision to publish a 3-D centerfold in its June issue. Newspapers in China, London and Belgium have likewise rolled out 3-D editions this spring.

Tierney recently lost a hard-fought battle for control of the company during a bankruptcy fight with creditors, who last month won an auction of the company's assets with a $139 million bid.

He announced the 3-D editions on Thursday, a day before he steps down as the company's chief executive officer. He will continue as publisher until the close of the bankruptcy sale, which is expected by early July.

TLP can get by without reading a 3-D newspaper. He would, however, be completely OK with JDA rolling up the Inky or the Times or the Chronicle or the Post (really doesn't matter) and trying her hand at a little high-def smack!

The Lazy Paperboy

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