TLP: Not the Most Appealing Topless Ad You'll Ever See

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 , , 3 Comments

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If this is what campaigning has come to, please, let's get back to ugly smears, outright lies and actionable innuendo. And quickly.

WSJ Washington Wire: (Warning: Clicking could ... well, it's really hard to know how to warn you about this.)

There is a shirtless – and somewhat disconcerting – trend forming in the Ohio Senate election.

Senate Republicans struck first last week by using a bare-chested image of Democratic Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher in a provocative Web ad on a new site hosted by the National Republican Senatorial Committee attacking Fisher.

The ad, described as “raunchy” by the Columbus Dispatch, was taken down from the site for copyright violations. However, another shirtless video clip of Fisher speaking to his son and bemoaning his campaign’s lack of a coherent message remains on the site.

Not to be outdone, the Ohio Democratic Party has launched a Web site of its own attacking Republican candidate and former Rep. Rob Portman. The site,, features a video of Ohioans attacking Portman’s record on jobs and—unfortunately for the rest of us—they’re not wearing any shirts either. For every supporter who signs up for the site, the party will send a shirt in their name to Portman.
"Somewhat disconcerting?" I think we can agree it's a bit beyond that. And it's a long time til Election Day.

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Anonymous said...

Nice... what's next? Naked kung fu fighting? Have popcorn.

Anonymous said...

I don't have either of you picked as country music fans but this thread made me think of Rodney Carrington.

Don't let us fool you ... JDA had Merle cranked up and was singing along last week. And I may know more than a few Jerry Jeff Walker tunes.