TLP: On the Upside, Even Crumpled Dollar Bills Help In This Economy

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Good job, Tampa, landing the 2012 Republican convention. Although, come on, this was pretty much a staged competition. How could you lose?

Was Phoenix really a good prospect for a summer gig, even before Arizona lawmakers did their best to fuck up the tourism business? And Salt Lake City? Why, they aren't even properly hospitable to a harmless little Fedbasher.

But this can't be the kind of news the Republican National Committee wanted to hear just a day after tapping Tampa for the convention.

St. Petersburg Times:

Joe Redner may be a Democrat, but the owner of Tampa's most renowned cultural institution, Mons Venus, was thrilled with the news his hometown will host the 2012 Republican convention.

"Any time there's a convention the clubs do well,'' he said. "Some of them frequent clubs everywhere they go. Some of them are curious because it's the Mons Venus. I promise I won't tell anybody when they come into the club."
If you're not reading closely enough between the lines, here's how Mons Venus spells it out: "There are beautiful girls live and nude on the stage from 12:00 noon to 5:00am."

And, hey, if you believe the seasoned professionals in the field, the arrangement is good for the GOP conventioneers and the host city sex businesses. Isn't that what they call a win-win?

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