TLP: Sex Scandal Gives South Carolina Candidate's Fundraising a Needed Poke

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Nothing like a little scandalous rumor and innuendo to get attention for your struggling political campaign. South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley has been trailing her Republican rivals in fundraising, but got a big surge after a fellow former protege of incumbent Governor Mark Sanford claimed to have had some sort of fling with her.

CNN Political Ticker:

"Nikki had more online donations yesterday than any other single day of the race," a Haley adviser told CNN. "The public knows an unfair personal attack when it sees one."

The adviser would not offer details on how much Haley has raised.

Regardless, any cash infusion is good news for Haley, who has trailed her three GOP rivals in fundraising for the duration of the campaign and just started airing two statewide television ads.

Haley has few staff, and has relied on outside groups and endorsements from national conservative figures like Sarah Palin to earn media exposure.

The allegation of the affair, made Monday by South Carolina conservative blogger and political consultant Will Folks, led to national headlines and threatened to derail Haley's campaign. But it also rallied conservative activists to Haley's defense.
Palmetto State politics has a long tradition of ugly — Lee Atwater, anyone? — and lately, the nexus has been sex, whether on the Appalachian Trail or not.

So, as Sanford serves out his term and hooks up with his girl in Florida, the campaign to succeed him promises to be endlessly entertaining. Especially if Darling Nikki starts to see her fundraising efforts dry up.

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